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Arrival alarm - daknecht - 05-27-17 05:38 AM

Equipment: Electronics system: e95 chart plotter, Seatalkng network, EV-1 Autopilot, Tactic wind routed to network through Raymarine T122, Noland AM43, Actisense NGW. The e95 is seeing the wind data on the network.

I set up a test race course. When I was about 50 yards from the first mark, I got a loud "arrival alarm" which was distracting since it had nothing to do with rounding the mark. Can that be turned off or changed to something more useful?

RE: Arrival alarm - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-30-17 10:03 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum daknecht,

As with other system alarms, the Waypoint Arrival Alarm may be configured ON/OFF via the Alarm Settings (HOME->SET-UP->SAFETY ALARMS). The radius of the Waypoint Arrival Alarm may also be configured to suit one's needs.