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Transducer problem? - dog3492cat - 07-03-17 08:21 AM

I have an 8 year old B60 thru hull transducer that was connected to an a67 and worked flawlessly for years. When my a67 was damaged, I installed an a77. My research with Raymarine indicated a B60 was an authorized transducer for an a77, so I did not replace the 'ducer. The machine works fine on dead calm, flat water but the first wave or boat wake I hit, I get a message saying transducer not connected. The depth function will not return unless I power off the MFD and start it up again. I had my installer re-check all wiring connections and even put heat shrink around the connections to ensure they are snug and stay that way. No help.
I am sure you have heard it all......what is the cause of this issue?


RE: Transducer problem? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-05-17 10:32 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum dog3492cat

To which cables did the installer apply "heat shrink around the connections"?

RE: Transducer problem? - dog3492cat - 07-06-17 01:47 PM

The one where the cable from the 'ducer meets the cable going to the MFD. On my a67 there was a box in the middle.....an amplifier perhaps? That box went away and we had to get an adapter cable

RE: Transducer problem? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-06-17 02:04 PM


The box which you have referenced may have been a DSM30, DSM300, or CP300 sounder module. Should the B60 have been interfaced to one of these sounder modules, then the sounder module may be eliminated and an E66066 Transducer Adapter Cable may then be installed between the transducer's cable and the MFD's Transducer socket. These connection are performed using sealing plugs, eliminating the need for any shrink tubing.

I'm concerned that the heat shrink may be covering a splice to the transducer cable. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing splicing/modification of transducer cables.

RE: Transducer problem? - dog3492cat - 07-08-17 05:58 AM

You are right on. It was a DSM30 I think, we did eliminate it, and we did install the exact adapter cable you mentioned. And everything works fine as long as I am on flat seas. Sounds like you believe this is most likely a cable/connection problem? Most likely on the 'ducer end? Can that be replaced?

RE: Transducer problem? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-17-17 08:43 AM


Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the subject of bottom loss at speed approaching plane and while operating at planing speeds. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing adapting / repairing / splicing fishfinder transducer cables. Typically, faults associated with transducer cables may be isolated by wiggling / flexing the transducer's cable at several locations along its length. Should such motion result in communications loss, interrupted plot, or loss of bottom depth, then the transducer's cable would appear to be damaged and the transducer should be replaced.