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Annoying Shutdown Popup - mprestero - 07-11-17 08:45 AM

I fired up my new Axiom 7 yesterday, once I figured out that I needed to activate the Navionics chart card (not obvious in the docs), and all was well for about an hour. Then, for the remaining hour I was out, the shutdown pop-up, which I had only seen before when I dragged my finger in the startup/shutdown direction, began popping up un-prompted once or twice a minute (nothing touched the unit to cause this), then going away on its own. Is there a fix? Or just a feature until a future software release?

I did update the software last Saturday (July 8).



RE: Annoying Shutdown Popup - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-17 01:00 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mark,

Unfortunately, the symptoms which you have reported appear be consistent with an Axiom MFD which is experiencing a problem with its Power swipe key. To be certain, it is recommended that the engines and all other electronics be switched OFF onboard the vessel and that you then attempt to duplicate the problem. Should the problem persist, then it is recommended that the MFD be replaced by the dealer (if purchased within the last 30 days) or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.

RE: Annoying Shutdown Popup - Dan_Y - 07-21-17 08:13 PM

Could this problem be caused by not having the ground lug for the additional drain wire (on the rear of the Axiom chassis) connected to ground? As in it could help drain static charge from the display? My Axiom 9 had this symptom too, but at random times on one day trip out of 7 so far. Connecting the additional drain wire is on the to-do list due to needing to run a new wire to the battery negative terminal.

RE: Annoying Shutdown Popup - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-24-17 09:04 AM


While I don't suspect that the problem is resulting from failure to correctly install the MFD's drain lead, it certainly wouldn't harm anything t do so. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing what should done with drain leads from my marine electronics.

RE: Annoying Shutdown Popup - Dan_Y - 07-24-17 12:51 PM

Good Drain Wire FAQ. Thanks Chuck.
It was 95F under the bimini on the day I had a similar experience with a good 15 knot breeze. Made me wonder if it was static electricity (humidity was >75% though), or perhaps an invisible film of salt fog deposit could be the culprit. I wiped the display with distilled water and a microfiber cloth afterward, and so far, just a one-off occurrence. Now I'm wondering about the effects of sun screen on my fingers...

RE: Annoying Shutdown Popup - mprestero - 07-25-17 11:29 AM


The problem occurs when I am sailing, with no engine running (and my engine is a diesel), and only the pretty worthless, very old Standard Horizon depth and knotmeter instruments operating. I can try the next time out with those instruments off.

I purchased the unit directly from Raymarine under the West Marine Employee purchase program, so the option of going back to the dealer is out. Since I am in Ipswich, MA, would I be able to bring it to the Raymarine office in New Hampshire to get it serviced if the problem persists?

I did see the post about the drain wire. Mine is not connected all the way to the battery, but only to the negative bus bar where all of the loads return to. That bar is connected directly to the battery.



RE: Annoying Shutdown Popup - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-25-17 12:37 PM


Please click here to view a FAQ addressing product drain leads. Following receipt of similar posts, Raymarine has been investigating the subject problem. Should the MFD's drain lead have been installed in the manner specified within the referenced FAQ and should the problem persist, then please respond accordingly. Raymarine is considering some changes to the firmware of the Axiom MFD POWER swipe to address such concerns.