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Deleting Waypoints - boatbottom12 - 07-12-17 01:08 PM

I created some temporary waypoints in my legacy C80 MFD numbered 73-80. After deleting the waypoints, I noticed the next time I created a waypoint it started with the number 81. The deleted waypoints don't show on my display. Does the C-80 still retain the waypoints? If so How can I delete them from the system? I asked this before, but couldn't find the post, so I appologize if I am being redundant

RE: Deleting Waypoints - Dave - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-12-17 03:52 PM

Hello boatbottom12,

On all of our displays at the time of this post, the numbering scheme for waypoints continue from the last waypoint number created. That being said, it does not affect the waypoint capacity of the MFD itself. (In other words, the numbers will continue to rise, but the waypoints are no longer present within your display.)

The only way to re-start the numbering scheme is to factory reset your display.

- Dave