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Hydraulic pump - Sailingzeus - 07-26-17 06:18 PM

My pump for my S1000 died and I 've replaced it with a new Type 1. The Pump manual shows that I need to connect the lines, with the motor towards the helm, parallel to the pump ports. However the manual of the S1000 shows them connected opposite.
Does anybody have any idea which is the right way? Thanks

RE: Hydraulic pump - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-27-17 02:04 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sailingzeus,

The S1000 autopilot has been exclusively designed and tested for use with the A18108 S1000 Hydraulic Pump. Should the S1000 be used with any model of hydraulic pump other than the aforementioned hydraulic pump, then support would not be available.

RE: Hydraulic pump - Sailingzeus - 07-30-17 10:35 AM

Thanks for the reply Chuck.
Unfortunately I purchased the pump already since there are no A18108 pumps available. I have noe great expectations from my autopilot other than a simple tracking. Is there a signal issue? If it will not work at all let me know and I will buy another system. Thank you

RE: Hydraulic pump - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-31-17 08:35 AM


The previously specified pump for the S1000 is indeed still available and may be purchased/order from an authorized Raymarine dealer or from Raymarine Order Services. It is recommended that the Type 1 pump be returned. Attempting to use a pump other than the A18108 S1000 Hydraulic Pump with a S1000 will likely result in poor autopilot performance and may result in damage to the S1000's circuitry due to the higher power demands of hydraulic pumps having greater performance capabilities.

RE: Hydraulic pump - Sailingzeus - 07-31-17 11:08 AM

I understand and I will return the type 1 pump.
Advise from a dealer got me in this position Chuck, do you recommend a good one and is the part a18108? Thank you

RE: Hydraulic pump - Sailingzeus - 08-06-17 12:22 PM

Hi Chuck, I am back.
I installed the proper pump and as I was following your instructions purging the system, the transparent tube burst. Can you please tell me what I did wrong to pressurize that tube? Any suggestions? Thank you again.

RE: Hydraulic pump - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-15-17 08:36 AM


Three, pre-assembled hydraulic hoses are supplied. Two of these are dark-colored, high pressure steering hoses and the third is a transparent low-pressure hose. The supplied transparent hose is intended to help the installer check for air bubbles when bleeding the system and must be used only to connect the autopilot pump reservoir to the lower connector on the helm pump. It must NOT be used anywhere else in the system. Should this commonly available tubing have burst, then it is possible that it has instead been connected to one of the pump's pressurized ports and/or steering system T, or that the pump's bleed screw was not tightened upon completion of the bleeding procedure (see Chapter 2 - Bleeding the steering system of the SmartPilotS1000 AutopilotInstallation Guide). Accordingly, it is recommended that the pump's connections to the helm / steering system be verified to ensure that they match those found in Chapter 1. Connecting the autopilot pump of the SmartPilotS1000 AutopilotInstallation Guide.

RE: Hydraulic pump - Sailingzeus - 08-15-17 11:21 AM

Thanks Chuck, I know now what I did wrong...

RE: Hydraulic pump - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-15-17 12:55 PM

You're welcome.