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Leaking D800/P17 throughhull triducer - tyed - 08-06-17 12:23 PM


My triducer is leaking beyond the o-ring. I have replaced the o-ring with one purchased at ACE that appears to be the same size as the one removed. Still leaks. Did it again and it still leaks.

A short history: The triducer housing was replaced by me when I last had the boat out of the water. Reason was, the 'flapper' mechanism that is built into the unit had apparently fallen out, and I had serious ingress of water whenever I removed the triducer for routine maintenance (removal of growth from the speed paddlewheel). The new housing went in fine and was bedded in 4000. No leaks from the mounting area, thankfully.

Could be I am not using the right o-ring? Thanks for any vector you can provide. I don't know the next logical step.


RE: Leaking D800/P17 throughhull triducer - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-23-17 01:18 PM


It is indeed possible that the o-ring which you have purchased is incorrect. Airmar produces the subject transducer for Raymarine. As Raymarine does not sell transducer parts, it is recommended that Gemeco, Inc. (Airmar’s US distributor (803 693 0777)) be contacted for the specifications for the o-ring and/or to seek a replacement o-ring for your transducer.