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Axiom / LH 3.1 feedback / questions - stevemitchell - 08-10-17 11:18 PM

Just updated my 9" Axiom a few days ago, and had some trips on the water to test things out. I had a few questions/observations:

1. Building a route - it appears you can only build a route when you click on a point on a map and then choose to do so. If you go into routes, and create a new one, adding waypoints seems broken or only possible by choosing your current location. I couldn't figure out how to add a new waypoint from there. If I pre-created waypoints, I could add them to the route, but that's not that easy.

RE: Axiom / LH 3.1 feedback / questions - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-23-17 10:40 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Steve,

I have verified that I was not only able to create a route by
- graphically by either touching a location or waypoint on the displayed chart, and by
- selecting waypoints from the MFD's waypoint list.

From the My Data dialog, selecting ROUTES->NEW ROUTE->Enter Desired Route Name->SAVE; ADD WAYPOINT->ALL WAYPOINTS->Select Waypoint within the displayed waypoint list->ADD WAYPOINT TO ROUTE. After all desired waypoints have been added to the route, then simply exit the Select Waypoint to Add to Route dialog to save the route.

RE: Axiom / LH 3.1 feedback / questions - stevemitchell - 09-01-17 06:56 PM

Thanks, I will test again when I am on the boat.