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i60 Analogue Wind Instrument failure - LngTmSlr - 08-17-17 07:23 PM

I have an integrated Raymarine system including e7 mfd, ACU100 autohelm, i40 speed and depth, AIS850, and i60 wind instrument. The system is tied together using STng cabling and connectors. The i60 was installed in 2016. I was able to use the existing cable between masthead and display but replaced both the masthead transducer and cockpit display.

This weekend, in dry weather, while adjusting settings in the e7 mfd, the wind signal stopped and the i60 wind speed instrument stopped indicating wind speed. The display shows --- in the wind speed window. If I shut OFF the instrument and restart it, the display quickly goes to --- again.

I performed the masthead transducer test you provide in the forum taking voltages at the back of the instrument. Voltages were within your listed parameters in all cases. However, I was concerned with the voltage indicated between anemometer (yellow) and shield (grey). Even though wind speed was stable at about 4 knots and the anemometer appeared to be rotating at constant speed, the voltage was variable jumping frequently between less than a volt to various other voltages, as high as 3.3 V. In contrast, all other voltages were fairly steady. The anemometer I installed is the round cup variety (E70061).

Before sending the instrument off for testing, it seemed wise to question whether the variability of my anemometer voltage is an expected test result. Have you seen this behavior before?

RE: i60 Analogue Wind Instrument failure - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-21-17 01:34 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum LngTmSlr,

Wind Speed testing symptoms appear normal. It is recommended that you verify that your i50 Wind Instrument has been configured to display apparent wind data.

RE: i60 Analogue Wind Instrument failure - LngTmSlr - 08-24-17 04:22 PM

To close this discussion, I investigated your reply and found the problem. I energized the system. Then, using the e7 mfd, I selected the following series of option: SETUP, SYSTEM SETTINGS, DATA SOURCE, WIND. I found that I had accidently deselected the i60 Wind instrument. Once the i60 wind was selected, all wind functions and dis plays returned to normal.

The confusing part of this event was that deselecting the i60 Wind instrument as the source of wind data on the mfd, for some reason also caused the i60 Wind instrument to stop displaying any local data. This lead me to think the problem was somewhere in the i60 Wind components.

Thanks for your help.

RE: i60 Analogue Wind Instrument failure - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-25-17 09:32 AM

You're welcome.