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Speed source - Almar22 - 09-18-17 02:04 PM

Hi, I have an Evolution 200 autopilot installed on my 22 ft Almar boat. Type 1 drive pump, Seastar HC 5345-3 steering ram. Attached is the Diagnostic data for my electronics. As best as I can tell, all software is the latest.

My Autopilot has never worked very well - will do great for awhile, then starts wandering off path, etc. Often when I first start the autopilot, it will not control the steering unless I give it a nudge using the steering wheel to get it going in the right direction. I will try to attach a picture showing the p70r display - showing how far off course it is before I give it a bump with the steering wheel to get control started.

After searching this forum, it became pretty clear to me that one possible problem is the speed source. Turns out the pitot tube on my Suzuki was clogged so I cleared that this weekend. However, I noticed that I don't have any other choices to select speed - the SOG from the MFD isn't displayed under the data source list. But I can get SOG in a data box along with water speed.

In the p70r display, the only choice is "auto" and nothing shows up as a source. The calibration is unlocked. My compass variation is listed as 4 degrees.


RE: Speed source - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-18-17 03:00 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Almar22,

For the benefit of others who may be viewing this thread, some background may be found here. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, Speed source selection will not be permitted when Calibration Lock has been enabled ... you have addressed that. Have you used the Data Sources feature (MENU->SYSTEM SET-UP->DATA SOURCES) of the autopilot control head or of the a128 MFD to specify which source of GPS data will be used by the Raymarine products? If so, when underway and making way, are both the SOG and Speed data items being populated?

RE: Speed source - Almar22 - 09-18-17 03:27 PM

I have looked at the Data Source info from both the Autopilot control head (it only lists "auto" with no possibility for selecting a source) and on the MFD where it only lists the Suzuki. Will SOG only show up as an option if I am actually moving?

RE: Speed source - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-18-17 04:10 PM


I had asked about the GPS source, not the Speed source.

RE: Speed source - Almar22 - 09-18-17 04:39 PM

Thanks Chuck, I had missed that. Will have to wait a few days before I can run the boat on the water, but will check to see what source of GPS is being used.

RE: Speed source - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-19-17 07:44 AM

You're welcome.