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How to Update STng Peripherals with v3.2.86 - Dan_Y - 09-20-17 08:19 PM

Now that v3.2.86 will update my STng peripherals (EV-1, ACU-100, and p70s), will v3.2.86 take care of that with some prompting for the correct order of upgrading, or do I also need to download the update packages for the peripherals and load them on the mSD card in the root directory with the v3.2.86? I have not tried this before.

RE: How to Update STng Peripherals with v3.2.86 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-21-17 10:51 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

The .iso file(s) found on the respective product's software update web page would need to be copied to the root level directory of the microSD memory card which will be used. This file would be the same used if the product was being updated via an a/c/eS/gS-Series MFD running the latest software listed. The Axiom MFD must be powered ON and must be permitted to complete startup initialization. The microSD memory card containing the software update .iso file(s) would then be inserted into the Axiom MFD's memory card reader or remote reader. The MFD will report that a software update was found and prompt you regarding whether you want to proceed. Finally, the Available Software Updates Dialog will be displayed, permitting you to select the devices to be updated, current installed and available software, and an option to update the selected peripheral devices.

At the time of this response, such remote updates are restricted to peripheral devices which were designed to be update via a .iso file (ex. i). Legacy peripheral devices which were not designed to be updated via .iso files (ex. ST70 Autopilot Control Head, ST70 MFID, SPX Autopilot Course Computers, ST70+ Instruments, and instrument transducer pods) may not be updated by an Axiom MFD at this time.

RE: How to Update STng Peripherals with v3.2.86 - biggyboy - 09-22-17 09:06 PM

Can these updates for the I60,I50 and ST70 be done via the wifi software function
Or does that only update the lighthouse.
I went to the software page and did not see any reference to instument updating files.


RE: How to Update STng Peripherals with v3.2.86 - Dan_Y - 09-24-17 07:26 PM

The software updates for the Evolution autopilot (EV-1, ACU-100, and p70s) were very easy to perform. It has a good user interface in LH3 on the Axiom. My complements to the chef. The EV-1 seem to find the magnetic deviation much faster with this update. The p70s upgrade went well so I didn't try to upgrade the bootloader code.