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Double Depth Finder. - Pepe Lepew - 09-25-17 12:05 PM

I have a catamaran with C80 chartplotter and ST60 intruments.
I have an ST60 tridata fed by AIRMAR transducers on my port side. To ease shallow water reading (24' beam) I'd like to add a plain ST60 depth display on my Stb side. AIRMAR transducers seem to be in short supply, can I rig it with a Raymarine Lexan Depth Transducer for ST60 & ST290. I have NEMEA 183 Network.
Now, If I get the ST60 connected to SeaTalk for power, will that interfere with the other depth finder? If it does where/how can I get the power to the new one? Straight from the Instruments' switch?

RE: Double Depth Finder. - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-25-17 02:32 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Daniel,

The ST60 Depth and ST60 Tridata Instruments may be used with any of the analog instrument depth transducers found here. As the devices supporting first generation SeaTalk only supported one instance of each type of data, the two depth instruments should not be interfaced to one another. However, should you desire to power the second ST60 Depth Instrument from the same SeaTalk bus which is powering the first ST60, then only the red and shield leads of the SeaTalk Cable connecting the second ST60 should be used. This may require that the SeaTalk Cable be cut and then spliced back together, leaving the yellow leads not spliced and insulated to prevent shorting.

As the instrument depth transducers will both operate at 200kHz, it is possible that they may interfere with on another ... however, the amount of separation which you have specified may reduce the chances of interference. Accordingly, you may want to performing a test by suspending the depth transducer over the side before permanently installing the transducer.

RE: Double Depth Finder. - Pepe Lepew - 12-23-17 01:43 PM

Sorry for delayed reply, was out of touch for a while.
I didn't think of them interfering with one another. The actual port side location is in front of the keel, I'll install to Stb one aft of the keel for a greater separation. As a bonus I'll need much less cabling as my helm and instruments are on the Stb hull.
I'll check out he transducers you mentioned.
Boat is out for the winter, better get going.

RE: Double Depth Finder. - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-27-17 10:39 AM

You're welcome.