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ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - smorast - 03-20-16 08:26 PM


This is my first go around with Raymarine instruments, so pardon any incorrect statements.

First, the system: ST290 (sail)/E125 integrated via SEATALK 1/2/hs/ng.

SEATALK2 devices:
3 pods (Wind/depth/speed)
2 digital displays
3 graphic displays

SEATALK1 devices:
Raystar 125 GPS antenna
Autopilot (ST290 control with S3 course computer)
2 analog wind displays
2 analog CH wind displays
NMEA Bridge
Seatalk1 to ng converter

SEATALKhs devices:
SR100 Sirius receiver
Laptop running RAYTECH (unable to connect to instruments)
E125 (not sure the hs network is working properly-no manual produced?)

SEATALKng devices:
Seatalk1 to ng converter

Previous owner had an E125 installed using the ST1 to STng converter. All wind/speed/depth pod information displays on ST1/2/ng displays. I am able to see keyboard and each pod (all ST2) in E125 maintenance diagnostics. I am aware of the pinned thread relative to issues with this converter and potential issues, but not sure my issues are related as I disconnected the converter from ST1 network and problems persisted.

The problems:

1. ST290 graphic LAT/LONG displays ---. COG/SOG is displayed, so some GPS information is being passed from ST1 to ST2.
*Raystar has good view of sky and blinks green once/4 secs
2. I am also unable to see GPS position coming off of the DPU NMEA 0183 port.
3. Verified Raystar GPS is correct on E125 display and E125 NMEA 0183 output port, though True Wind Direction is NOT. Does the DPU output TWD/TWS?
*Should I be using the DPU NMEA output port, the NMEA bridge or install a multiplexer?
4. Two of the ST290 graphic displays in need of repair. Where can I obtain parts to repair myself-no longer repaired by Raymarine?
5. Where can I find a manual for the SThs switch/hub?

Appreciate any assistance and again, apologies up front for any incorrect statement due to being new to Raymarine instruments.

RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-21-16 09:51 AM

Would like a wiring diagram of the system, handwritten would work, to see how everything is connected.

There is a built in GPS on the e125 MFD. Is it confirmed that the internal GPS is set to OFF? Setup button on the home screen, then System Settings, Internal GPS = OFF.

I have enclosed a link to the ST290 Manual below, it does not output GPS data on NMEA 0183 Output.

The DPU will not output True Wind data.

Unfortunately the ST290 instrument system is no longer repairable, due to lack of parts availability any longer.

I have enclosed the only manual available for the Seatalk HS switch, it is the installation manual.

ST290 Manual link - https://raymarine.app.box.com/s/w7dp1h5hwi1f3fmda4x1/1/402192599

RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - smorast - 03-22-16 12:05 AM

Thanks, Steve.

Thank you for the rapid response with info/attachments.

Please see attached, initial draft block diagram based on memory/photos. As noted, deep diving the wiring tonight to see what the NG line and ST2 lines are attached to....might it be to one another?

Good question: E125 is using external RS125, verified through GPS status page. Have also successfully tested the internal GPS. As a matter of fact, if problems persist, may disconnect E125 from ST1 network. E125 will only be used for position (no pod related info necessary), so using internal GPS would allow ST1 disconnection). Unless of coarse, the E125 will send TWD/TWS via NMEA out.


RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-22-16 04:03 PM

Would be interested in the update diagram once you dive into the wiring.

After looking over the diagram, I have noticed a few things to point out, not necessarily specific to the issue, but can cause information transfer issues.

RayTech software is no longer supported on the Seatalk HS network. It should be removed and connected either to the NMEA 0183 port of the MFD or to the Seatalk/NMEA bridge.

The Seatalk bus and the amount of Seatalk to Seatalk NG converters are not correct. Each converter is designed for 5 Seatalk devices, this could affect power on the Seatalk bus which could cause information transfer.

The Seatalk Red wire should be removed on the S3 course computer and ST290 DPU, they provide power on the Seatalk bus and this is back feeding voltage into the Seatalk NG backbone (converter) the power should be supplied by the Seatalk NG backbone, and I am assuming that the Red unidentified connection on the converter is going to power. Once you add the additional Seatalk to Seatalk NG converters you want to make sure power is inserted into the center of the Seatalk NG backbone.

RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - smorast - 03-22-16 09:59 PM


Thanks again for the rapid feedback.

I was able to confirm the wiring via physical means/continuity checks. Updated block diagram (see attached) shows the ST1 to STng converter is also spliced into the ST2 network. Also confirmed the S3 course computer is connected to two sources of power. Second slide of the attached includes photos of these confirmation, as well as DPU being connections.

Confirming you recommend disconnecting +12V from S3 course computer and what do you recommend for DPU? How would I test for correct operation, post disconnection.

Also, where would you suggest adding a ST1-STng Converter and how what would be connected to it?

Any other issues of note you see as other potential problem areas?


RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-23-16 08:40 AM

You misunderstood the comment, you are not removing the power input to the S3 course computer and DPU you are removing the RED wire of the three wires of Seatalk interface (Red, Yellow and Black (bare)). Both devices will require their power 12 VDC feeds.

When adding a Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter to the backbone, you would remove the terminator in the Blue port of the existing converter and add a Seatalk NG backbone cable connecting the two converters together with the blue ports, then adding the terminator back into the last open blue port on the added converter.

You will also remove the splice between the Seatalk 2 5way and Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter. This is creating a data loop because this data is transferred through the DPU with it's connection to Seatalk.

RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - smorast - 03-23-16 04:51 PM

Ah, apologies- I did not write that very clearly at all. What I meant to say was I will remove the red seatalk wire (+12V) from the ST1 input to the course computer, leaving the bare and data ST1 lines intact. This will leave the other larger gauge power input as the source of power. Will leaving the ground (bare) wire connected create a potential ground loop?

As to the DPU. Do I remove the red and bare wires of the ST1 line currently connected to power input of the DPU and insert them into the ST1 input of the DPU? Will the DPU operate without power/ground input on those lines?


RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-24-16 08:32 AM

You will not have a ground loop if connected in the manner I described. The Seatalk interface will require the Yellow and Shield for the interface to communicate.

You are ONLY removing the Red from the Seatalk connection on the DPU as well. Leaving the power input connected.

RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - smorast - 03-24-16 11:19 AM


Please take a look at the photos on slide 2 again please. The red seatalk red and shield lines are actually connected to the DPU power input lines.

When I disconnect the seatalk red line from its current location, will I not be removing power from the unit?
My assumption of what I will need in the end is:

1.Seatalk yellow and shield to DPU seatalk inputs and leave seatalk red disconnected.
2. Install new 12vdc and ground line and hook up to DPU power input.
2a. Do nothing as the DPU is powered from ST2 red wire...

Help..and apologies for confusion.

RE: ST290 GPS and NMEA issues - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-25-16 08:07 AM

The picture shows no connection to Seatalk on the DPU, but the diagram does. So disregard the removal of the Red wire of Seatalk on the DPU. It will still require the power input.