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Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - skipgundlach - 03-21-16 06:46 AM

I apologize for what is now the third post; I have a picture which might help identify what I have; once these are approved (or you can) I'll consolidate and start over....

RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-21-16 10:04 AM

Hello Skip,
That is a very old Type 2 hydraulic pump and there are no parts available or is it even serviced any longer. I would recommend replacement with the current model of Type 2 hydraulic pump, part number M81121 - 12V or M81123 - 24V.

RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - skipgundlach - 03-21-16 10:30 AM

I've been in contact with HyPro, whose latest response in our correspondence was:

Hi Skip,

Please see attached, this may not be exactly the same externally but the internal components will be.

The shaft seal is defined by its dimensions – 8.16.7 = 8mm bore x 16mm o/d x 7mm thick. Materials are nitrile rubber.

The hoses I think are G1/4 (BSP) parallel fittings, if you can get a photo of the steering cylinder I can confirm that. Raymarine also used some ¼ NPTF tapered fittings too.

Best regards,


This happened to be a blowup of the pump; I really also need a blowup of the motor in case I have some nasty surprise when I take it off. However, some questions arise:

Can you tell me what the part number was for that pump (old P/N compared to the current M81121), and what hose connections were used (so I can cap if I have to)? And, perhaps, verify the seal size?




RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-21-16 12:02 PM

Part number didn't change, just the manufacture. I have no documentation on that pump available any longer. I think the motor was made by a company called Fasco. The fittings were adapted to 1/4 inch NPT and was adapted from BSP.

RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - skipgundlach - 03-21-16 12:24 PM

Thanks, Steve,

We're triangulating in courtesy of HyPro, who indicate that the original supplier was GACO; it's a DPSM seal commonly noted as 8.16.7; we're still working on the shape (of which there are many).

As to the fittings, I think I understand you to say that the hoses were initially BSP ends, but you installed adapters making it BSP female/NPT male, and NPT, but NOT NPTF, right? At this minute I don't expect to need them, but I'd want to source them before opening the system to cap them. Or, might it be the reverse, and I'd just unscrew the adapter?

Thanks for your assistance.



RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-23-16 02:36 PM

Actually it is an adapter from BSP to NPT female. The adapters that came with that age of Type 2 pump is M81187.

RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - skipgundlach - 03-23-16 05:34 PM

Thanks. No picture is shown, on the listing on your site. From what you've said, if I can find a cap to fit a 1/4" NPT, that should do it for me? That is, the pump body has female 1/4" NPT inputs? However...

I expect that I won't seal the ends and go manual. An earlier forum thread where someone identified the seal ("GACO 8167 Patent 30" embossed on the seal) used led to a search which resulted in a cross-reference to a SKF seal, #3145. The rep at Hy-Pro confirmed GACO to be the original supplier, and the SKF 3145 to be the right size and shape (seal lip configuration).

I've ordered one for pickup in Marsh Harbour. Unless that fails to at least mostly stanch the leak, I'll use that to get back to the US and have it rebuild properly.

I've not taken it apart yet, based on faith, the manufacturer's assurance, and the prior thread poster's similar confirmation of a replacement on his defective unit (which he put in spares, having bought a new one). However, from all that I've corresponded with, I assume I'll find the same thing, and replacement will be relatively trivial, as will restoration of fluid and pressure, and, while tedious, bleeding will be routine.

I'll let you know how it turned out.




RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-24-16 08:24 AM

Let us know how it turns out Skip, thanks.

RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - skipgundlach - 04-05-16 04:06 PM

Well, the plot thickens.

I was led around the mulberry bush for 2 weeks with fabricated reports of the putative replacement seal's progress. It never happened. Apparently their supplier was backordered, and they didn't tell me.

Current representations are that the boss was in MIA and sought out a new supplier who had them, and if the order isn't delayed on the incoming flight, it will be on a plane Wednesday, arriving Marsh Harbour, presumed (no customs issues) Thursday.

Meanwhile, we have perhaps another quart or so of hydraulic fluid. My sense of volume has it that I shouldn't need more than a pint to properly fill the reservoir; I'd put in a little and pressurize it to see if it didn't leak, first, of course.

So, several followup questions:

How much fluid would the reservoir take from empty to appropriate level (about half, I think)?

Would that likely need further filling after bleeding?

The local NAPA has 32 weight hydraulic oil. If we needed more would this be appropriate?

If it didn't work (I can't imagine it would not, but at this point I'm not trusting anything), and I had to cap the lines, what exact description/named part would I request from the hardware store which would seal those ends?

If I do have to seal them with caps, are they compression fit, or(and?) will I need teflon tape or goo? If so, which?




RE: Part 3 of leaking type 2 pump... - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-08-16 02:31 PM

Your questions about fluid levels are specific to your system which can not be answered by this forum specifically.

For suitable hydraulic fluid, Raymarine does not recommend hydraulic fluid we refer to the helm pump manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility.

Caps are not anything we here at Raymarine would comment on or suggest I will leave the discussion open for a forum member who would like to comment on their experience on the subject.