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Spare parts for autopilot - flying fish - 10-11-17 04:35 PM

I am planning a solo circumnavigation to begin in December. I use a Raymarine EV-400 with a Type 2 long linear drive on my Island Packet 460. I was planning to self steer with a windvane but the EV-400 has performed flawlessly in all of my sea trials so I will go the 12 volt autopilot only. My question: What spares would be recommended to have onboard for the EV-400? My destinations will be remote and because I will be depending 100% on Raymarine I will need to have the parts on hand if necessary. Thank you, Jeffrey Cardenas

RE: Spare parts for autopilot - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-12-17 02:08 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jeffrey,

First, I want to wish you well in this venture. With respect to spares, the EV-1 Sensor Core, ACU-400, p70/p70S/p70R/p70RS, and mechanical linear drives are not designed to be serviced in the field, and as such, repair kits and the corresponding procedures to troubleshoot and repair these products are not available. These products are designed to be service by Raymarine's Product Repair Centers and a limited number of servicing dealers. If seeking full redundancy, then one would carry each of the items included with the EV-400. That said, short of a lightning strike taking out the electronics, the Evolution autopilot components which would be most subject to wear/failurd would be the following:
- M81105 Rotary Rudder Reference Transducer
- E70100 ACU400 (includes M81105)
- Type 2 long linear drive (M81132 (12VDC), M81134 (24VDC))

RE: Spare parts for autopilot - flying fish - 10-18-17 10:50 AM

Thank you for the welcome, and thank you for responding, Chuck.
I have a feeling there may not be Raymarine Product Repair Centers in the more remote area of my itinerary (Pitcairn Island, for example :) Full redundancy may be necessary if I am to depend entirely on the EV-400 to pilot Flying Fish around the world. It makes me admire the accomplishments of Joshua Slocum even more.

RE: Spare parts for autopilot - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-23-17 10:32 AM


I believe that such redundancy would be the prudent action for anyone undertaking such long distance voyages, particularly those to remote locations where dealers and service may not be available.