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[CA] Scroll Speed vs Boat Speed - gmckenzie - 11-21-17 02:49 PM

Hi I was wondering if you have a chart that tells what the best scroll speed is vs boat speed for side and down imaging. I have noticed that on my Axiom I have to set the scroll speed to about 35% when slow trolling (0.5-1.0 MPH), which happens to match up to 70% scroll speed on my Dragonfly, at this speed objects appear and disappear off the screens at about the same rate.

At 100% scroll speed on the Axiom I found that I need to be going about 6 mph to get a good image.

Providing these charts would help a lot of users realize the detail these units can provide, and get much more satisfaction using the units.

RE: Scroll Speed vs Boat Speed - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-22-17 10:05 AM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum gmckenzie,

We are aware that that slowing the scroll speed when trolling improves imaging under certain conditions. However, the optimum scroll speed setting is also dependent upon the selected range setting of the sounder channel. This may present too many variables for such a table. That said, Raymarine has logged a feature suggestion to consider automatically adjusting scroll speed based upon SOG, the sonar channel's range setting, and other factors.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.

RE: Scroll Speed vs Boat Speed - gmckenzie - 01-18-18 05:51 PM

You never really answered my follow up question below from Oct.

My question is if you might consider adding the option to add a button to the side imaging screen where you could access the screen speed directly vs going into multiple menu's to get there.

For anyone who really utilizes the side imaging to it's max, this is a critical adjustment to get good images, matching the screen speed to the boat speed.

RE: [CA] Scroll Speed vs Boat Speed - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-22-18 02:44 PM


In a round-about way, I did answer your question by specifying that Raymarine was considering to automate this feature, thereby eliminating the need to access the screen speed directly.