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Autopilot for cable steered powerboats - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-24-16 11:25 AM

Autopilot for cable steered powerboats

While Raymarine, Inc. no longer offers helm mounted autopilot mechanical drive units for power driven vessels, Raymarine autopilot components are commonly mated to Octopus mechanical drive units in cable steered, power assisted I/O applications. Octopus offers mechanical drives which may be installed in place of the currently installed helm as well as remote mechanical drives. For maximum autopilot performance, it is recommended that the autopilot drive unit be fitted with the optional rudder feedback sensor. I have fitted my own Mercruiser I/O powered, cable steered, power assisted sport boat with an Octopus Type R Remote Mechanical Autopilot Drive Unit and have mated it to a T70156 Raymarine EV-200 Power Pilot.

Customers seeking Raymarine autopilots for I/O applications are commonly referred to an Octopus Autopilot Drive dealer to determine the correct Octopus drive for their steering system.

Aero Marine Services and Defender are two such Octopus mechanical drive dealers which specializing in matching Octopus drives with Raymarine autopilots.