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[CA] cable compatibility between units - scott4fish - 12-12-17 01:04 PM

I have three dragonfly 5 fishfinders on my boat. Two do not have gps. The third and new one does-- 5 Pro. I bought the 5 pro to use as a stand alone gps unit to replace a garmin gps. I could have bought Dragonfly 5M which is a stand alone gps. But for the money, I now have spare transducer and mounting hardware with the 5-pro. I didn't know the transducer and power cable on the 5-pro are molded into one and cannot be separated. I want to purchase a 5M power cable to use on 5 Pro but don't about compatibility. Any help? Thanks.

RE: [CA] cable compatibility between units - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-13-17 09:09 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Scott,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, the R70376 Dragonfly 5M Power Cable would indeed be applicable to supporting the end which you are seeking.