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MkII Wheeldrive slips when clutch engaged - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-18-17 11:15 AM

Check the belt tension ir correctly adjusted, click here to confirm the method used.

The other effect that will happen over time is that the wheel drive will accumulate salt deposits and general debris inside the mechanism which affects the smooth operation of the rollers and belt arrangement, the drive will benefit from occasional sluicing out with fresh water. Simply pour a jug of lukewarm fresh water over the rim of the drive unit where the two halves of the drive ring attach to the steering wheel, (not over the motor and electric cable obviously!). The fresh water will run through the inside of the wheel drive around the belt, the rollers and the bearings and will generally flush out light deposits.

You may find that this will ease the operation of the unit and clean the surfaces that the ball bearings run on, giving both a smoother action as well as eliminating any screeching or grinding noises.

In the event this does not restore normal operation, the drive will need to be opened to remove stubborn deposits and to check the condition of the bearings, if this is beyond your scope, please return the unit to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.

To open the drive unit, remove the Steering wheel from the pedestal, unscrew the mounting clamps attached to the wheel spokes and separate the front ring from the rest of the wheeldrive. At this point you can see the bearings as well as the clutch lever roller and the belt tensioner roller.

Slowly rotating the drive you should be able to see the source of the noise, it may simply be more stubborn salt deposits, which when cleaned resolve the problem. However, it may be the bearings of the clutch lever roller, or belt tensioner roller, in which case the unit should be returned to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center, or an approved Raymarine dealer for service.