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(DG) Deck mounting kit (A80437)? - andrewthurman - 01-02-18 08:47 PM

What is the advantage of using the Deck mounting kit (A80437) instead of just mounting the Micro-Talk directly to the deck? Better protection? Water resistance? Also can it be mounted on the sloping deck forward of the mast?

RE: (DG) Deck mounting kit (A80437)? - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-03-18 09:58 AM

Hi andrewthurman
Thank you for your enquiry,

The A80437 is generally referred to as the GPS/MicroTalk Clamshell Riser Kit and principally intended to be used with a rail mount kit.

In situations where the MicroTalk puck is to be deck mounted, there is no need to use the kit if the mounting surface is smooth and flat, so the puck can be mounted without causing stress to the housing when secured in place. In situations where the surface is uneven, curved or restricted in some way, the riser kit can enable a better installation.

Ideally the MicroTalk puck should be mounted horizontally, but could accept a slope of less than 20 degrees and still function correctly.