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(DG) a125 randomly reboots - jdiesel - 01-03-18 04:46 PM

On three separate occasions my Raymarine a125 MFD just reboots. Sadly this happened twice on night crossings and was very unexpected.

I am running the latest version of the software, so I do not believe that to be an issue.

For troublshooting:

Are there any logs kept anywhere?
I have my Raymarine behind a firewall, and I can see that the MFD is connected to imap.gmail.com very often. Is it sending updates when an internet connection is available?

Anyone have similar issues, or know of troubleshooting steps?


RE: (DG) a125 randomly reboots - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-04-18 04:32 AM

Hi jdiesel,
Thank you for your enquiry,

Can you confirm what screen the a125 reboots to? Does it restart at the same point of use, for example straight back into the chart or radar app which you were previously using, or does it reboot to the initial Raymarine Splashscreen (the original start up screen that appears when the unit is first powered on) ?

If rebooting to the Raymarine Splashscreen, then the likely cause is power supply related, it could be a loose power cable connection, a damaged or trapped cable, a faulty fuse holder or isolating switch, or even low battery voltage, another possible cause could be Electrical interference, click here for more information.

If rebooting to the page that you were just using, then the cause could be software related or a faulty unit. You could try to reload the latest software, available from the Raymarine Website and then carry out a full factory reset,, click here for instructions .

If the fault persists, temporarily remove the chart card to see if this stops the rebooting, possibly the chart card is faulty, also turn off the SONAR LOG in MENU/ PRESENTATION/ DEPTHS AND CONTOURS.

If none of the above is successful, Then the MFD should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center

RE: (DG) a125 randomly reboots - jdiesel - 01-04-18 01:46 PM

Thanks for the reply Derek

When it reboots, the screen freezes, you see no wind updates or track, then you press around - everything is dead. Then the screen goes blank, and you get to the initial Raymarine startup screen (bios...?) there is no accept button, this screen is only around for a short time, then it immediately takes you back to the screen you were on. In my case, split, chart & radar.

All route information is gone, waypoints are still there. but I have to restart the route, and the XTE as well.

In 80% of the times I have had this, I have been motoring, so batteries may not be full, but over 100A going into them. (Catamaran - 2 engines).

Tough to remove the chart card, that is what I use for Navigation, I suppose I can try on anchor.

My biggest concern, as I think you can agree, navigating a tight shallow channel and having it reboot. That could have devastating consequences.

RE: (DG) a125 randomly reboots - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-05-18 03:54 AM

Hi jdiesel

If you have tried the suggestions I made, especially the deselection of Sonar log, then I suggest the unit needs to be sent back to our repair facility to check it over and investigate.

I cannot recall any other issues that may trigger this fault.

RE: (DG) a125 randomly reboots - wraa - 01-28-18 08:57 AM

my a78 is doing the same , the menu and respond getting slower and slower
and then it reboot i change the map to simple than it run longer before it reboot, and if i don't use ais it run longer , if i turn on detail maps and live maps it reboot after 5 min , i think there is a memory leak in the program

kind regard
peter wraa

RE: (DG) a125 randomly reboots - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-29-18 06:46 AM

Hi Peter,

Have you tried the previous suggestions? Have you turned off SONAR LOGGING? have you operated with the chart card removed?

If you have tried all this, then return the unit to our service facility