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Adding EV 200 Autopilot - tjmac71 - 03-29-16 08:44 AM

I'm adding an EV 200 hyd package with a Teleflex Smartstick Rudder reference to my 2008 Pursuit 315OS.

This is the equipment that is currently installed on my boat:
Raymarine E120
Raymarine Gyroplus SHS
Raymarine SR 100
Raymarine SeaTalk HS
Raymarine DSM 300
Raymarine Radar
Sea Star Outboard Hydraulic steering for twin 250 Yamaha with power steering

I had a couple of questions:

1. Is there a diagram that shows the shows the exact hook up for this setup?
2. Do I still need the fluxgate compass? Is there anything that I can remove?
3. Do I need some type of bridge between the two systems to make them compatible?

Thank in Advance.

RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-29-16 01:33 PM

We don't have a diagram with your specific system with the E120 Classic MFD. Adding the EV-200 Evolution autopilot is quite easy, the E Series Classic MFD is a display that does have the early Seatalk NG interface called Seatalk 2, so you would need a Seatalk 2 to Seatalk NG adapter cable (A06061) and connect the E120 into an open white port on the Seatalk NG backbone established with the Evolution cabling system that comes with the EV-200 autopilot.

No, you will not need the fluxgate compass or the Smart Heading System SHS GyroPlus unit, that will be removed and the EV-1 of the Evolution autopilot will take care of the heading data.

You will just need the adapter specified above for integration to the Classic MFD.

RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - tjmac71 - 03-30-16 01:15 PM

Thank you for the quick response. The information helped greatly.

I just removed the SHS and noticed that they had what I think is the 125 GPS receiver spliced into the Seatalk line out of the SHS that went to the E120. The also had the red wire on the SHS that was going to the SeaTalk taped off and not hooked up. See attachment

1. Can I plug this into the the SeaTalk line that came with the evolution and is there a part number for the cord?

2. The wires for the Teleflex Smartstick Rudder reference are different colors than the Raymarine one included in the kit. Do you know the correct wire alignment to the ACU?

3. Why did they tape off the red wire?

Thanks Again.

RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-30-16 02:52 PM

Little different with the Raystar 125 GPS, because you will need Seatalk 1 communication, and when using the E120 with the Seatalk 2 port you should move all Seatalk 1 to Seatalk NG. So to connect the RS125 GPS, you will need to add a Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter, then connect the RS125 GPS to the yellow port on the converter then connect the converter to the estiblished Seatalk NG backbone.

The standard Smart Stick should be wired like this
Smart Stick- Rudder Port
Red- Red
Black- Green
White- Blue
Bare- Gray

They didn't connect the RED in order to guard against back feeding power to the GyroPlus Heading Sensor.

RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - tjmac71 - 04-12-16 07:47 PM


I followed the line that was spliced into the Seatalk/alarm out on the back of the E120 and it connects to a seatalk converter that was previously installed. The GPS is actually a RS 130 GPS.

Can I leave that hooked up to the E120 and just add the new autopilot and backbone to the Seatalk 2 port on the back of the E120? Do I have to direct the MFD system to look for anything or does it notice all the systems automatically? Will it be OK if its getting the GPS information in one port and the EV1 thru another? I hope this makes sense.


RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-13-16 09:40 AM

I would recommend to change the port that the converter is connected to, you can stay with the Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter, but move it from the Seatalk/Alarm out to the Seatalk 2 port on the E Series Classic MFD. You would move to a white port and disconnect the yellow port connection. You would be using the Seatalk 2 to Seatalk NG spur adapter cable (A06061) to make the connection, and will then extend the Seatalk NG backbone for the Evolution autopilot from the Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter. This will provide additional information for the GPS data and move all data to a Seatalk NG interface which will allow the equipment to communicate properly.

When using the Seatalk 2 interface on the E Series Classic MFD, all Seatalk data should be moved to that interface for proper communication of equipment.

RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - tjmac71 - 04-13-16 03:20 PM

Thanks again but unfortunately I now have a few more questions.

Can I plug the Seatalk NG converter into the blue port on the backbone that came with the EVO 200 autopilot? That is the only port I have open on that back bone which is next to the E120.

The previous owner striped the wires from NG converter and spliced them into the cable that connected to the Seatalk/Alarm port. The white wire coming from the Seatalk/STNG J-box is the wire I am having the question with that runs to the helm. See pictures from prior installation attached.

Do I still need to unplug the yellow cord and do I need to worry about back-feed on the power?

Can/do I need to use the (A06043) cord and connect all the colored wires? Worried about the power from the NG converter.

I probably should have just hired a professional!!

Thanks Again.

RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-14-16 08:43 AM

Yes, you would connect the two blue ports together to extend the backbone, blue port on the Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter and the blue port on the 5 way connector from the Evolution Seatalk NG cabling.

I can't tell you what it is from the picture, but the only white jacketed cable I would guess is a GPS antenna cable. From the picture it looks like it isn't even connected.

As I explained, yes you would disconnect the yellow port all together, you won't be using the Seatalk interface through the E Series Classic, it will be connected through Seatalk 2 port.

You would be using the Seatalk 2 to Seatalk NG spur adapter cable (A06061) to make the connection, and connect through the Seatalk 2 port of the E120 MFD, to the Seatalk NG backbone.

RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - tjmac71 - 04-26-16 10:01 PM


Thanks for all of your help and useful information. I believe I have everything hooked up per your instructions and just received the following error on the P70:

Source selection not possible (these devices do not support this feature: E22158-SeaTalk-00330484) Consult manual for more information. The boat is currently inside and will be launched next week so i will be able to test everything then. Is there ant thing else i need to change before?


RE: Adding EV 200 Autopilot - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-27-16 03:28 PM


Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the data source selection issue you have raised.