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[CA] Antenna Recommendation - DennisC - 01-28-18 09:23 AM

Planning on installing a AIS650 and decided it would be easier to install a new VHF antenna than try to split existing. Have a sailboat and was wanting to mount AIS antenna on the rail. Is a standard 3 ' antenna on the rail sufficient?

RE: [CA] Antenna Recommendation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-30-18 04:14 PM


It is recommended that Class B AIS transceivers be interfaced to a VHF antenna having a gain value of no more than -3dB. VHF antenna manufacturers such as Shakespeare design antennas specifically intended to be interfaced to Class B AIS transceivers (ex. 5396-AIS Galaxy Little Giantâ„¢
AIS/VHF Antenna, 6396-AIS-R Phase III AIS Antenna, etc.).

RE: [CA] Antenna Recommendation - DennisC - 01-31-18 11:19 AM

Ordered the Shakespeare 5215-AIS. Was wondering if rail mount was sufficient. Decided to mount on dingy arch.

RE: [CA] Antenna Recommendation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-31-18 11:58 AM


The choice for where to install the antenna is a matter of personal preference. Like VHF antennas, range typically increases with the mounting height of the antenna.