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(DG) Axiom 12 with Smart Pilot S3 - Svbelle - 02-01-18 08:46 AM

It’s my understanding that the Axiom’s features for auto piloting can not be used to its fullest with the older auto pilot. Just installed and want to use it to its potential.

What should I upgrade to so I can have all these features?

44 ft sailboat
24,000 lbs
Single helm

RE: (DG) Axiom 12 with Smart Pilot S3 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-01-18 12:17 PM

Hi Svbelle

Thank you for your enquiry.

To make use of the autopilot integration with your new AXIOM, you will need to update the AXIOM software to the newly released version 3.3. You will then need to update your S3 Autopilot to the current Evolution system, which will likely involve changing the control unit, the compass and the ACU - provided the drive unit is in good condition, this can be re-used.
Further details can be found here and found here .
Given that you are using an S3, it is likely you will need an ACU400 to supply power tothe drive unit you are using.

Please check out this section of the Raymarine website for information about Evolution autopilots