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[CA] AIS Source - LeslieTroyer - 02-06-18 12:33 AM

Color me confused!!! - While trying to track down why my VHF (SH GX2150 AIS receiver) wasn't getting 183 position data from my e7D - I switched to 4800 baud - now I had position data - but lost AIS data from the chart plotter - Switching back to 38400 on both devices restored AIS on the plotter and position data on the VHF -- Now for the confusion

I thought my AIS would be coming over SeatalkNG from my Raymarine AIS650 -- which has nothing to do with the 183 channel. I couldn't see how to tell the plotter to take AIS from the 650 over Seatalkng -vs- SH GX2150 over 183

What am I missing

Chuck - Thanks in advanced.

Leslie Troyer

RE: [CA] AIS Source - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-08-18 03:21 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Leslie,

Based upon the symptoms, it appears that you may have incorrectly interfaced the GX2150 to the MFD's Power/NMEA 0183/Video Input Cable. After interfacing the MFD to the GX2150 as shown below, then the MFD's Port 1 setting will need to be configured for 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications (NMEA 4800) and the MFD's Port 2 setting will need to be configured for 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications (AIS 38400). In this installation, GPS data and DSC position report communications between the MFD and VHF radio will occur via 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications and AIS data will be transmitted to the MFD via 38400 BAUD NMEA 0183 communications.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1573]