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[CA] Replacement System - PetrelMarine - 02-06-18 12:40 AM

Hi Chuck

I have a question about the replacement of an ST8002 Head Unit, S2 Computer and Type 1 Pump autopilot system with a P70r, ACU200 & EV1 re-utilizing the Type 1 pump. The owner is unhappy with the performance of the old system with multiple attempts at commissioning and autopilot compass relocation & calibration. This over 1-1.5 years of ownership. He has asked me to replace it with a new system.

The question I had is the suitability of an ACU200 used with a Hynautic servo cylinder power steering system. I just wanted to make sure the ACU can handle this type of system before proceeding. I can't imagine why it wouldn't but just wanted to double check with you in case there is any known issues.

The last question I had is that the Type 1 pump is installed almost at the helm itself rather than close to the rudder cylinder. I know that Raymarine guidelines are to mount close to the cylinders as possible but was interested to know if that placement is still acceptable.

As always, thanks for you help.

RE: [CA] Replacement System - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-08-18 03:28 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum PetrelMarine,

Both the Type 1 Hydraulic pump and the T70156 EV-200 Power would be recommended for this vessel's steering system.

RE: [CA] Replacement System - PetrelMarine - 02-08-18 09:11 PM

Thank you Chuck.

RE: [CA] Replacement System - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-09-18 08:35 AM

You're welcome.