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(DG11) Axiom splash screen - Mmintzer - 02-13-18 07:21 PM

Hi, I see information related to splash screens but nothing related to the Axiom Pro models. Any information related to adding a splash screen to a Axiom Pro would be appreciated,
Thank you

RE: (DG11) Axiom splash screen - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-14-18 06:22 AM

Hi Mmintzer

Thank you for your enquiry.

Currently AXIOM and AXIOM PRO models do not support custom Splash screens, this is a feature which is under consideration for future updates.

Please click here and here for further information on updates.


RE: (DG11) Axiom splash screen - Mmintzer - 05-28-18 07:00 PM

I see that axiom pro now supports custom splash screens. Where do I find the step by step instruction to do so. Thanks

RE: (DG11) Axiom splash screen - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-31-18 06:46 AM

Hi Mmintzer

The latest update, version 3.4.xx now includes the ability to add a JPEG into the start-up splashscreen.

This is accessed through onscreen instructions found through the normal menu,

Select SETTINGS (the three cog wheels)

and then load the appropriate sized JPEG from a new mSD card inserted into the chart card slot.


RE: (DG11) Axiom splash screen - Mmintzer - 05-31-18 08:49 AM

Hi Derek,
Thank you for the info as I could not find the instructions for loading the image. I guess will now have to try different sized JPEGs to get the desired splash screen image.

Thanks again

RE: (DG11) Axiom splash screen - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-31-18 08:57 AM

Thanks Mmintzer

you're welcome