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[CA] SR150 antenna connection - wdbox - 02-17-18 04:18 PM

I am trying to install a new SR-150 WX receiver to use with my Axiom MFD's. It is replaceing the old SR-100 that I used with my E120 MFD. I want to use the existing SRA-40 antenna. I have wired up the power and network connections. The weather receiver shows up on the Axiom.

My problem. The antenna wire coming to the receiver is just a piece of coax (RG-58, I think). The outer cover and shield are removed, I just have the plastic surrounding the center conductor. As near as I can determine this just plugged into the old SR-100.

There is a SMA to SMB adapter supplied with the SR-150. One end has a male pin with a nut that I assume goes into the SR-150. The other end is a female receptacle. Needless to say the female end on the cable will not mate with the female end on the adapter. Should I just strip back the antenna cable, to make it a male end, or do I need some type of adapter? I know one end is SMA and the other is SMB but I do not know which is which. Should the antenna wire shield be terminated or are we only using the center conductor?

Bottom line; how di I connect the old SRA-40 antenna wire to the new SR-150 receiver?

RE: [CA] SR150 antenna connection - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-20-18 01:43 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum wdbox,

SR100 and SR6 each featured a male SMA jack which was designed to be mated to the matching press-fit female SMA plug of the cable packed with the SRA-40. As you have stated, the SR150 features a male SMB to male SMA adapter. The adapter's threaded male SMB plug is designed to be mated to the SR150's threaded female SMB jack. The adapter's male SMA adapter would then be used to mate the cable which had been intended for installation with a SRA-40 or SRA-50 antenna. Should the cable have lost either of its plugs, then it would be recommended that the cable be replaced. Raymarine does not offer replacement plugs for this cable. The part number of the 25' cable supplied with the SRA-40 and SRA-50 is E03011. Longer cables are available from Shakespeare.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing where one may purchase parts for Raymarine products.

RE: [CA] SR150 antenna connection - wdbox - 02-20-18 04:04 PM

Thank you for your prompt reply. I plan to just reterminate the existing antenna cable with a SMB male connector and than plug in directly into the new SR-150.

RE: [CA] SR150 antenna connection - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-20-18 04:23 PM


Best wishes with trying to marry a new plug to the currently installed cable. Be certain to verify the signal strength reported within the Weather application. Should it report low signal strength or no antenna connection, then you may want to consider replacement of the cable.