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(DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Jeffg - 02-25-18 05:20 PM

I have an older SeaTalk-ng Network on my boat and have just picked up a used E120 and would like to add it into the network. However, the interface on the E120 is a Seatalk-hs and I am not sure if these will even talk with each other. Any assistance would be appreciated.

RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-26-18 09:42 AM

Hi Jeffg
Thank you for your enquiry.

SeaTalk hs and STng are quite different protocols; SeaTalk hs was used to link the video between multi function displays, so that cartography, radar or sonar data could be shared across several displays.
STng is compatible with NMEA2000 and is used to share data across the network, but NOT video.
Therefore if you wish to link the E120 classic display to your existing STng network, the recommended solution is to use an E22158 SeaTalk to STng converter kit, this kit contains the converter which has the most up-to-date software for converting relevant data such as depth, speed, wind, nav etc . . .


RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Jeffg - 02-26-18 12:25 PM

Thank you. I will check not getting the conversion kit. I was hoping to get video to connect to an aft facing camera. Would I need to upgrade my network to HS for this?

RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Jeffg - 02-26-18 12:31 PM

Hi Derek,
I checked the E22158 Conversion Kit and see the cables do not have the connector needed to connect the E120 to the network. The connection on the back of the E120 is the Snap in style waterproof connector. What cable would be used for this?

RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-27-18 06:08 AM

Hi Jeff,
Video can be connected to the E120 Classic via the E55057 cable, connected to the multipin connector on the rear of the display, see below. Further information can b efound in the online handbook click here to access
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1650]

The E55057 cable will enable a composite video connection to be made.

The cable for the SeaTalk connection to the E120 classic is part number E55054


RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Jeffg - 02-28-18 01:13 AM

Hi Derek,
A quick question- Is the wiring color code on the six wire E55054 cable the same as the Seatalk Cable with three connections? I want to splice the E55054 cable t the old SeaTalk cable.

RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Jeffg - 02-28-18 01:15 AM

Thank you, Derek.
I went to my boat today and examined the connections. What I found was disheartening. It looks like I do not have a true SeaTalk network. It looks as though the SPX10 is directly connected to the C80 via the Seatalk connections, not via a network. I am not able to access the upper helm at this time and will need to wait until the boat is open in the Spring to do an accurate map of the connections to all electronics. What I thought was in the boat is not what I saw today. I will try to create an accurate map so that I can understand how everything in the boat is connected. I am thinking I may need to go to a network to simplify the chaotic wiring I found. But, it will have ot wait until Spring.
Thanks, again,

RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-28-18 09:40 AM

Hi Jeffg
Thank you for your feedback.
The E55054 cableconnections are as below . . . .
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1653]

Please note that SeaTalk has quite a different network structure than STng or NMEA2000. SeaTalk is a simple three wire system, ( Red = 12v, Shield/ bare wire = 0volt and Yellow is Data) and rather like a domestic ring main in a house, can be 'daisychained' from display to display, it can be connected in a ring main format or a simple end-to-end format and is very forgiving over length and multiple connection points. Reading this FAQ click here for access may also help shed more light on SeaTalk

STng or NMEA2000 is much more rigid in it's format and so has very specific rules about backbone, terminations and spur connections.


RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Jeffg - 04-02-18 02:55 PM

Hi Derek,
I tried splicing the 6 wire Seatalk/Alarm Out wire to the Seatalk wire using only the Red Yellow and Bare wires. However, the E-120 still does not see my GPS and cannot make a fix.
The C80 works fine, but the E120 does not seem to be able to plug&play with the same connections.
Is there a way from the E120 to check the Seatalk network to see what is connected? Or at least if it sees the Seatalk network at all?
I have not had the time to map out the network connections on my boat, so I am at a loss as to what is actually connected to what. That, I am sure, will be a big project.

RE: (DG) Adding E120 to Seatalkng Netwrok? - Mark G - Raymarine UK - 04-03-18 07:17 AM

Hi Jeffg,

The Seatalk pin out is as per the attached image, one things you can check is the Seatalk return wire on this connector is the "Black Wire" not the bare Screen wire.

Also the E120 has very limited power on the seatalk bus, so you may need to introduce a 12v supply to the Seatalk bus and disconnect the Red wire from your E120.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1736]

Kind Regards