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[CA] Software downloads filename missing ver number - Msy380 - 02-26-18 06:47 PM

i recently download the latest update for the Axiom display but in the past the file name would contain the ver update number, but for Jan 2018 the filename downloaded as raymarine_axiom.upgrade.iso. previous downloads were named like: raymarine_axiom-3.2.92_LH3.2.572.upgrade.iso

Q. when I update the unit do I need to erase all the older .iso files or will it somehow know to use the latest one,raymarine_axiom.upgrade.iso

It was nice to have the ver number as part of the filename in prior downloads

RE: [CA] Software downloads filename missing ver number - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-27-18 01:47 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Msy380,

It is considered a best practice that the root level directory of the microSD card contain only the latest software update files for the MFD and peripherals. Should one desire to retain software update files for prior versions of software, then it would be recommended that folders be created with root level directory and that the older software update files be moved to the corresponding folders.

Regarding name of the software update file for the Axiom MFDs, your comments have been noted and a feature request will be logged to consider embedding the version number within software update file for future Axiom MFD software updates.