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[CA] CPT-200 Transducer Installation - chartertom - 03-06-18 10:21 AM

This thread is being written to obtain recommendations on installing the CPT-200 transducer on the transom with a 24 degree deadrise.

Installation instructions page 28, section 6.2, item two states to make sure the mounting template (transducer by inference) is parallel to the waterline. The diagram shows a transom with a 0 degree deadrise (flat hull).

With a 24 degree deadrise hull, either one of the two transmitters will be a significant distance below the hull's edge or one of the two transmitters will be a significant distance above hull's edge.

The transducer cannot be mounted along the hull's centerline due to negative consequences of draining hull directly onto the transducer.

Previous experience with transom mounted transducers is that when the transducers' leading edge protrudes below the hull's edge, the transducer is extremely susceptible to effect of water turbulence.

This being true, is there any recommendation for the location (distance above / below hull's edge) to minimize the effects of water turbulence?

RE: [CA] CPT-200 Transducer Installation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-07-18 12:33 PM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum chartertom,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As suggested within the referenced FAQ it would recommended that the transducer be installed with is most protruding element located slightly higher than the hull's bottom, but low enough that it will be completely submerged when the vessel is operating at trolling speeds ... i.e. the speed at which this feature is designed to perform.

RE: [CA] CPT-200 Transducer Installation - chartertom - 04-30-18 02:59 PM

This reply is being provided to show the results after installing the CP-200 along the centerline of my boat. As shown in the installation image, a “stand-off” spacer was added to allow for a center-line installation and access to the bilge drain plug. The goal of this installation was to maintain both transducer elements at the edge of the transom. As shown in the MFD image, this configuration does maintain a relatively useful return at a speed of 25 knots.

The image showing a lot of water being thrown up the motor mount which is approximately four feet aft and three feet above the transducer is not desirable. This condition occurs when getting up to planning speed. I will experiment with raising the transducer such that the leading edge is just above the bottom of the boat and tilting the rear of the transducer upward.

RE: [CA] CPT-200 Transducer Installation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-01-18 08:33 AM


Noted. As SideVision imaging is not intended for use a planing speeds, it is recommended that you consider raising the CPT-200 should it be producing too much spray.