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(DG) e7 card reader problem - mraphael - 03-13-18 05:55 PM

I have an e7 MFD, running latest software (19.03). Yesterday I found that my Navionics chart was not being read - the chart display shows only the generic map. I took the map card out and tested it in another machine and that machine read it just fine. I believe the MFD is not recognizing the presence of a card in either card slot. Is there anything I can do to "reboot" the card reader or will repair be necessary?

RE: (DG) e7 card reader problem - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-14-18 04:28 AM

Hi mraphael

Thank you for your enquiry.

You could try the unit reset,
* Turn the unit off
* Press and hold the Back Button
* Keeping the Back Button pressed in turn the unit on
* After the Splash screen you should see a Dark screen, Press the WPT Button (Waypoint) which is the option for Factory Reset
* After confirmation that FLOB has been dumped, Press Exit and then restart the unit

**Please make sure you backup all Waypoints and Routes and Data settings (My Data menu on home page) etc to a separate MicroSD
other than your Cartography Card**

If this does not cure the issue the unit will need to be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.


RE: (DG) e7 card reader problem - mraphael - 03-14-18 10:00 AM

I will do as you suggest, but one problem is that the card reader does not work so I will have no way to back up my data.

RE: (DG) e7 card reader problem - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-14-18 12:01 PM

Hi mraphael

It is worth trying the card reader with a new blank mSD card, (remember to format it to FAT32 and use a card 8Gb or similar size), it is possible the card reader may read/ write to a new blank card.


RE: (DG) e7 card reader problem - mraphael - 03-14-18 01:33 PM

I performed the reset and the system seems to function correctly now. It recognizes the card in the reader and boots up normally. Now my question is: is this a symptom of some deeper issue that may resurface? I am going on an extended cruise in June and would hate to have the unit fail in the middle of that trip. Would it be worth sending the e7 in to repair to have it checked out, or is it likely they would not find anything since it is working normally right now?

RE: (DG) e7 card reader problem - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-15-18 05:41 AM

Hi mraphael

Good news the unit has reset.

I think it unlikely this issue will reappear, it is an unusual scenario. The possible cause could be a minor brownout onboard, possibly a spike in the power supply triggered a partial reset and the unit did not reboot fully leading to an issue with the card reader.

Further information on typical power issues can be found here.