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(DG) Testing DSM250 - davisi33 - 03-15-18 04:42 AM

Hi there I have been gifted a couple of dsm250 sonar units and would like to try to determine if they work before I buy a transducer. When I connect them to power they both show an amber light on the status bulb on the back.
Please advise does this confirm that they are working units or do I need a transducer attached to do this ? I have heard that the Dsm250 and dsm300 units are temperamental to voltage fluctuations and can blow , concerned this may have happened to my units.
Thank you in advance for any help .

RE: (DG) Testing DSM250 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-15-18 07:48 AM

Hi davisi33

The Amber flash is typical of a DSM which is not connected to a transducer and only indicates no transducer is connected, unfortunately until a transducer is connected you will not be able to test if they are operational or not.

You could also connect them to an MFD display such as the EClassic range and test that they communicate to the display, this would be another test to carry out.

If you are concerned they may have been damaged before then click here for further details.


RE: (DG) Testing DSM250 - davisi33 - 03-16-18 09:06 AM

Thats very helpful thankyou very much

RE: (DG) Testing DSM250 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-16-18 09:44 AM

Hi davisi33

you're welcome