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(DG) Blue spheres RV-100 - Mmintzer - 03-15-18 08:11 PM

Hi, I am running an Axiom Pro with an RV-100 transducer. While running I see a big stream of blue spheres on the screen behind the boat. I am wondering if the spheres could be aeration under the boat from improper transducer placement? The boat is a twin outboard with the RV-100, placement 3" starboard of the keel, no strakes inline, a B 60 thruhull a few inches further starboard.The mid-line of the transducer is level with the bottom of the hull. Could this be a placement problem? Can't believe I'm seeing that many fish.

RE: (DG) Blue spheres RV-100 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-16-18 10:23 AM

Hi Mmintzer

Thank you for your enquiry

When the boat is stationary do you see these spheres or is the picture more what you would expect?

Can you supply some pictures or video of the issue and pictures of the installation?

I will PM you an email address for the files since these may be too large for the forum