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[CA] DS400 water temperature - Eirinnrose - 03-16-18 06:56 PM

I have a 2005 DS400 connected via SeaTalk. I cannot get a good temperature reading stays at 92 degrees. When I try to calibrate it, I cannot get it to read below 85 degrees. How do I verify that it's able to read the Temperature?

RE: [CA] DS400 water temperature - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-19-18 08:30 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Please note that Raymarine has produced no product named DS400. Is it possible that you meant to specify that you have a DSM30 or DSM300 Digital Sounder Module; or are you indicating that you own a DS400X fishfinder display?

RE: [CA] DS400 water temperature - Eirinnrose - 03-23-18 10:18 AM

Thanks Chuck, it must be the DS400X

RE: [CA] DS400 water temperature - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-23-18 10:35 AM


Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. The reported issue may be a fault within the transducer's thermistor (most likely) or within the DS400X itself. The FAQ found here may be used to view the expected thermistor resistance at across a range of temperature. Should the measured resistance correspond to a temperature which is ten or more degrees from the actual temperature, then the transducer should be replaced. Should Gemeco, Inc. (Airmar’s US distributor (803 693 0777)) be provided with the information printed on the tag affixed to the plug end of the transducer's cable, then may provide a copy of the transducer's schematic to assist in measuring thermistor resistance. Should no fault be found with the transducer's thermistor, then it would be necessary to live with or replace the display, as Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer serviced DS400X/500X/600X fishfinders. The currently installed transducer may be adapted for use with an Axiom DV MFD or Axiom RV MFD.

RE: [CA] DS400 water temperature - Eirinnrose - 03-24-18 03:09 PM

Is there a difference between the DS400/500 and the DS400X/500X as I see manuals for both on websites?

RE: [CA] DS400 water temperature - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-26-18 08:03 AM


Raymarine has never produced a product having the name DS400 or DS500 and accordingly, any references are incorrect in the naming of the items which you refereed to. Per my earlier response, Raymarine has produced fishfinder displays known as the DS400X, DS500X, and DS600X which were retired in in the 2007-2008 timeframe. The DS400X and DS500X were very similar in appearance. An image of the DS400X may be seen below:

[Image: raymarine%20DS400x_transom.jpg]