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[CA] Sun cover for Axiom 7 MFD - barberhaulerr - 03-19-18 09:15 PM


My customer recently purchased an Axiom 7 MFD. I flush mounted this MFD in a Navpod as I have been doing with Raymarine MFD's for years. The supplied sun cover does not fit the MFD in this configuration.

I called tech support and was forwarded to tier 2 tech support who supplied the part number for the cover that will serve in this mounting arrangement. I was told to order pn A80499, which I did. I received the cover and today when I tried to fit it to the Axiom 7 I found that the cover is about 1" larger horizontally and 1/2" larger vertically than the face of the display.

Please help me to understand what I need to order to provide a sun cover to my customer.

Thank you,


RE: [CA] Sun cover for Axiom 7 MFD - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-20-18 03:58 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Keith,

Unfortunately, consistent use of terminology is important when seeking advice.
As you can see from the diagram below (an excerpt taken from the Axiom MFD Installation Guide), the Axiom MFD may be mounted in a pod by either surface mounting the MFD (not typically chosen for pod installations) or front mounting (typically recommended for pods).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1685]

The Suncover which you have purchased is for the Front Mount Kit. Per the final note in 3.4 Axiom 7 flush and surface mounting, of the Axiom MFD Installation Guide, the suncover provided in the box is for use in Trunnion bracket installations, when Surface mounting the product, accessory suncover R70527 is required.

It is recommended that the dealer be contacted to return the incorrect part (and request a return shipping label) and that the R70527 suncover be purchased if your MFD is surface mounted as shown within the diagram above.

RE: [CA] Sun cover for Axiom 7 MFD - barberhaulerr - 03-20-18 05:51 PM

Thank you for your response.


RE: [CA] Sun cover for Axiom 7 MFD - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-21-18 09:48 AM

You're welcome.