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[CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Kevin - 03-20-18 06:34 AM

Just completed installation of 2 new Axiom Pro MFDs, with i60/i50 + i70s instruments, iTC-5 for all the transducers.

There is currently a Simrad J300x-40 autopilot installed in the boat.

For whatever reason I can NOT get heading data on the Axiom Pros.

Tried using the 0183 Tx/Rx ports straight to the 16" Axiom Pro which didn't work so I used an Actisense NGW-1 we had on hand. Directly connected the NGW-1 to the Tx/Rx port 2 on the J300x then adapted the DeviceNet cable to my STng network.

On the Axiom Pro I can go to Settings> Network> Data Sources I can select the iTC-5 for the depth, wind etc but for Heading it won't detect any source.

However, on the i70s instrument I can go to Menu> Set-Up> System Set-Up> Data Sources> Heading I can choose between "Auto" and "NMEA2000<_>018"
This allows me to get Heading on the i70s so I know it's available on the STng backbone.

Any thoughts?

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-21-18 11:50 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kevin,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing when to use the Data Sources feature. The MFD should not be simultaneously interfaced to the third party autopilot via NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000.
Should this not be the case and should the Heading (not to be confused with COG) Data overlay, Data application cell, or Sidebar data item report --- as its value, then please respond with the version of software which which is presently installed within the Axiom MFD. Please additionally respond with a data capture from a NMEA 2000 analyzer showing the contents of the 127250 Vessel Heading NMEA 2000 PGN present on the system's NMEA 2000 backbone.

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Kevin - 03-22-18 08:27 AM

Software was updated to v3.3.170 after installation.

I should have been clear. I removed the first 0183 connection between the J300x and the AxiomPro. The ONLY 0183 connection is via the Actisense gateway.

The Data Source feature has been tried with Manual toggled On & Off and refreshed but no actual source for Heading shows up.

Attached are screenshots of the N2K Analyzer with "Received PGN" boxes open for both the i70s and the AxiomPro 16 showing the 127250 Vessel Heading PGN.

I've also taken a screenshot of the Maretron DSM250 emulator displaying the current Heading. This is the heading displayed on the Autopilot control head as well as the i70s but not available on the MFD (---).

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Kevin - 03-23-18 10:12 AM

Here's the log file of the NMEA 0183 Rx Buffer from the the J300x Autopilot.

Taken from an e7 (Lighthouse 2, v19.03) only connections are 12v and Rx+/- connected to Tx +/- Port 2 of Autopilot.

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-27-18 08:07 AM


Per our conversation yesterday, I was successful in having a PC transmit NMEA 0183 sentence $APHDG,213.7,,,,*5FR (which you had captured from the third party autopilot) to an Axiom Pro MFD running LightHouse 3 v3.4.x beta software . The MFD was then able to display the corresponding heading value (214 degrees) as a data overlay within the MFD's Chart application. I then disconnected the PC serial data cable from the MFD's Power/NMEA 0183/Video input cable and then connected the leads of this cable to an Actisense NGW-1-STNG. After doing so, the MFD again displayed the corresponding heading value (214 degrees) as a data overlay within the MFD's Chart application. As the release of the LightHouse 3 v3.4.x software update is imminent, it is recommended that you wait for the release of this software before performing any additional troubleshooting.

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Kevin - 04-03-18 01:26 PM

I was able to update both Axiom Pro MFDs to the latest software. However, I am still not receiving heading data to the MFDs. I included a Factory Reset after it was confirmed both were running v3.4.66.

Attached pics of Axiom Pro 16 with single Heading data displayed on a Dashboard page as well as the Simrad control and i70s showing heading.

One surprising thing I've found is when I connect an old A70 (v1.04) to the STng backbone ---> The heading pops up right away on the AxiomPro! As soon as I disconnect the A70 it drops out (after a min. or so).

I know you said you could confirm operation with 0183 data on the newest software but it still appears I'm unable to get it working. (At least without the A70 connected).

(Note: When performing software update Data Master was the 16". Inserted SD card into 16" and 9" MFD updated correctly. With SD card inserted in 16" I kept getting an Error 256 and unit would not update. I had to switch Data Master to 9", insert SD card there and was able to update the 16" remotely.)

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-04-18 08:48 AM


I remain unable to duplicate the reported problem when using an Actisense NGW-1-ISO (v1.100, v2.420) to bridge the previously supplied NMEA 0183 sentences to NMEA 2000 for use by the Axiom Pro MFDs and Raymarine instruments within my system. Accordingly, please use A70 MFD's diagnostics feature permitting one to record data received via A70 MFD's SeaTalkng port. The saved log file will then be submitted as supporting data for a problem report to be submitted to the engineering team.

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Kevin - 04-04-18 10:09 AM

Log files for both Rx and Tx attached (not sure if the Tx data would help with why it only works with the A70 connected).

Also a pic as proof of operation with A70 connected to backbone.

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-11-18 12:44 PM


Thanks again for the requested logs. We have run into a similar problem within systems featuring Axiom MFDs and Raymarine SPX autopilots. In these system, we found it necessary to configure the i70 MFID's Data Sources Heading selection setting to AUTO. Upon doing so, then heading was able to be displayed on the Axiom MFDs within the system. Have you tried this setting on the i70 MFID? If not, would it be possible to do so?

RE: [CA] Axiom Pro Heading Data from Autopilot - Kevin - 04-11-18 02:19 PM

So here's what I've found.

The boat is now outside. (It was in a metal building and therefore no GPS signal).

Now that it is outside it IS displaying the heading from the autopilot. I hadn't even looked at the i70s data source yet but it was set to Auto.

I power cycled the system and found that when everything powers back up the i70s will still get the heading data right away. The MFDs won't display heading data UNTIL... the unit gets a GPS fix.

Not sure why it would need a GPS fix to start displaying data that's already on the network but that seems to be the catch. (Maybe your test unit was getting a fix and that's why you had no issue displaying the data?)