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(DG) Fluxgate compass on ST4000 & new Axiom 9 w/radar - rkliever - 04-14-18 10:10 AM

I have a transom hung rudder on a 31 foot (on deck) sailboat (36 feet LOA with bowsprit) that weighs 16,000 lbs. Which evolution autopilot would be appropriate? The EV-100 is for boats up to 13,200 lbs and larger linear drive units are not waterproof and need to be mounted below decks.

Another question I have is how do I connect my fluxgate compass when I install my new axiom 9 and radar so that my st4000 will still work and the radar data will properly overlay on the chart plotter? I don't currently really have a SeaTalk1 network, just the st4000 with a remote control attached to the seatalk1 connection.

RE: (DG) Fluxgate compass on ST4000 & new Axiom 9 w/radar - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-16-18 07:50 AM

Hi rkliever

Thank you for your enquiry.

The choice of autopilot is important to ensure reliable performance click here for more details.

There are two options, one is to use a below decks autopilot, with a mechanical linear drive which is installed in such a way to protect it from the elements if it cannot be mounted below decks. This can be achieved by locating the fixed motor end of the drive to a secure mounting protected inside a waterproof housing, the moving part of the drive is then protected inside a flexible bellows assembly, such as below.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1776]
It is obviously important to ensure the exposed rod end of the drive unit is protected by grease, against corrosion and that the bellows is secure and provides a dry and water proof housing to the mechanical drive unit.

The second option is to use a hydraulic ram in the exposed cockpit and then mount the pump in a dry location where it can be protected.

The ST4000 Autopilot has the fluxgate compass connected directly tot he control unit, this willenable the heading information to be made available of SeaTalk. Simply connect a SeaTalk to STng converter, pert number E22158 to the SeaTalk connection of the ST4000 control unit, and the STng connection of the converter to the AXIOM, and this will share heading date with the AXIOM and enable radar overlay on the chart screen.