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[CA11] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - mistertj - 04-23-18 07:04 AM

For several years my DSM30 with Airmar transducer hooked to my classic E120 has given good service. Now, the only time it works is at the dock and that is intermittent. Is there a way that I could tell which item in the system has gone faulty?
If I were to consider replacing, what would be a recommendation? I have both a Classic E120 and C140wide MFDs.
p.s. I have considered purchasing a used DSM30 and trying it to see if that might fix the problem but most sellers will not accept a return.

RE: [CA11] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-26-18 12:56 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mistertj,

For the benefit of others view this response, C-Series Widescreen MFDs are not designed to simultaneously function within an Ethernet (SeaTalkhs) network which includes any model of MFD other than one other C-Series Widescreen MFD.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to troubleshoot a DSM problem with an E-Series Classic MFD. If replacing the DSM, it is recommended that it be replaced with a CP370 Sounder Module as indicated within the referenced FAQ.

RE: [CA11] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - mistertj - 05-20-18 08:35 AM

Thank you for responding. I have gone through all of the FAQ info and double checked my system...connections, power levels, etc. Everything checked out. I have noticed though that if I do a DSM reset, that the depth finder will eventually settle and give a good and correct reading. Then after a while, it (the picture on my E120) will go haywire and the depth reading will disappear. See photos. So, maybe it's my DSM but rather than purchase a CP370 at almost $600, I'm thinking a used DSM30 for $125, to see if that's my problem is a less expensive approach.

RE: [CA] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-21-18 08:08 AM


Should the reported issue have occurred when the vessel was drifting or operating at trolling speeds, then it would appear that there is a problem with the DSM or the transducer. While second hand equipment can be a cost effective alternative for some applications, it should be noted that such equipment often comes with no warranty and should a problem occur with DSM (whether original purchase or purchased from the second hand market), Raymarine will not be able to repair it. The CP370 (new products carry a 3-year warranty when registered) has proven to be a very reliable sounder module for use in replacing DSMs which had been interfaced via Ethernet (SeaTalkhs / RayNet) communications to one's system. We typically would not recommend seeking a second hand DSM unless the DSM will be interfaced to a C-Series Classic MFD. In the end, the choice in how one will proceed in replacing failed products will vary with one's priorities and budget.

RE: [CA11] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - mistertj - 05-25-18 04:43 PM

Decided to opt for replacing the DSM30 with a CP370. I understand the mechanical things to be done but not sure about the software. Do I need to delete the DSM30 software before trying to upload the CP370 software...and if so, how is that deletion done? Again, thank you for your time.

RE: [CA] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-27-18 06:05 AM


No need to delete software from the MFD. The DSM need simply be replaced with the CP370. The currently installed Ethernet cable will be adapted with an A80160 SeaTalkhs (F) to RayNet (F) Adapter. It is recommended that all E-Series Classic MFDs be operating with the final E=Series Classic MFD software update, v5.69.

RE: [CA11] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - mistertj - 05-30-18 09:59 AM

Installed CP370 per your recommendation. Works great...thank you.

RE: [CA11] DSM30/Airmar/E120 Fault Isolation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-30-18 10:32 AM

You're welcome.