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Ray260 installation - george123 - 04-05-16 07:54 AM

I will be installing the ray260 with a second handset on a sailboat. I have been looking at all the documentation on the web and have not been able to find information on the length of the cables that connect the handset and the active speaker to the extenstion cables that will go to the black box. I will call this cable a Y cable. If I had the length info than I could determine how far away I could mount the speaker and handset from each other when I mount the items at the wheel station. This would also help when I mount the black box down below at the navstation. Again mounting the handset and speaker the length of the Y will help to determine if I will need an extension cable to get to the black box.


RE: Ray260 installation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-05-16 09:36 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum George,

The handset bulkhead socket to Ray260 plug length is 1.2m. The handset bulkhead socket to RCA audio plug (F) length is 0.3m.

RE: Ray260 installation - george123 - 04-05-16 10:31 AM

Thank you very much.
Was this information in one of the manuals? If not it would be very help full to have available so that the proper extentions could be order before the actual install.


RE: Ray260 installation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-05-16 11:08 AM


As you had indicated, cable lengths were not included in the Ray260 documentation. Raymarine's documentation team has been notified accordingly to include this information within the next update to the Ray260 documentation.

RE: Ray260 installation - george123 - 04-18-16 06:51 PM

After reviewing your reply I believe your response was for the passive speaker using the RCA jacks. What will the lengths be for the active speaker? The picture in the manual shows "Y" style cable. Length to speaker, length to bulkhead socket where the remote handset connects, and length to where the extension cable will connect going back to the black box. I am trying to order cables for a pre-install before the Ray260 comes in.


RE: Ray260 installation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-19-16 11:13 AM


The Y-cable which you have referenced is permanently attached to the A80199 Active Speakers. The cable length from the speaker to the split is approximately 1' long. Each of the cables branching from the split are approximately 4' long.

RE: Ray260 installation - george123 - 06-09-16 10:17 PM

I just completed the installation of the Ray260 with a second remote station. The system works great. The only issue that we have is that the clips that hold the Mic are very difficult to remove the mic when you want to use the hand set. The customer was not very happy when he tried to remove the mic. He had to use two hand to slide the mic up off the clip. Has this been a reported issue by anyone else? Is Raymarine working on any kind of fix? The old Ray240 had the cradle which work very well.

RE: Ray260 installation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-10-16 09:43 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum George,

We have not been receiving similar reports concerning difficulty removing the handset from the clip and they do become easier to extract from the clip over time. However, should the difficulty to extract the handset persist, then it is recommended that you or the customer respond accordingly and we will arrange to send a replacement microphone clip.