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[CA] Converting kml files to something Ray Marine reads - Baby John - 04-24-18 11:21 AM

at the advice of a friend I used Google Earth to create a path, then saved the path file as a kml file. He says I need to convert the file to an rwf file and then I can load the files to a memory card and then upload to my Dragonfly 5.

The intent is to be able to follow a path along my Dragonfly for a trip down through the Louisiana marsh to Pierre Part. There's lots of small channels I'll have to navigate and I don't want to take the wrong turn.

Can someone help me figure out how to convert these files?

Or...if I'm unable to do what I'm trying to do...can someone help me figure out another way?

I've already downloaded GPS Babel, but not sure yet how to use the program. I'm thinking I have to convert the files before the program will work.

RE: [CA] Converting kml files to something Ray Marine reads - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-25-18 10:10 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum John,

Contrary to the advice of your friend, Dragonfly displays are not designed to support use of RWF files. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing planning tool recommendations for use with Dragonfly displays supporting chartplotting features. While Voyage Planner supports Google Earth's KMZ file format, it does not support the KML file format. You may also want to try using GPSBabel to convert the KML file to a GPX file. However, as indicated within the referenced FAQ, be wary to adhere to the waypoints and track constraints of the Dragonfly display when using third party applications.