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[DG] need help in upgrading - niorsi - 04-28-18 09:46 AM

I currently have the following equipment:
1. Raymarine gS125 Mod E70184
2. Radar Mod RD424HD/T70169
3. Horizon CPN 700i 7
4. AP 24
5. IS 20

My wind point wind speed is failing. I wish to replace with wireless equipment. At the minimum I need new wind information. Can you help me to decide what to purchase?

[DG] need help in upgrading - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-02-18 07:36 AM

Hi niorsi

Thank you for your enquiry.

To interface Wireless wind into the system that you have, you will need the following;

1 x T120 Wind Transmitter - mounted at the masthead
1 x E70361 MicroTalk Puck to interface the Wireless data to STng to enable it to be connected to the STng/ NMEA2000 network
1 x T113-868 wireless Multi remote display - to calibrate the masthead T120 transmitter.