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[CA] Traditonal Chirp Sonar Not Working - jaybob - 04-28-18 03:11 PM

Just upgraded my es78 from lighthouse 2 to the newest version of lighthouse 3.488 also got a new boat and moved MFD and transducers. My issue is my traditional chirp sonar wont read depth or display a graph, it jumps all over auto ranging for depth, Ive set to manual and it still didnt work. alongside with downimaging the downimaging doesnt work, but if run downimaging alone, then downimaging works graphs and reads a depth. Any ideas on if its a upgrade issue? Transducer issue? or MFD issue? I seen there has been a newer version of transducer cpt-100 mines A80270, new one A80351 was there a reason for the change?

RE: [CA] Traditonal Chirp Sonar Not Working - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-30-18 03:16 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jay,

Upon seeing your post that the MFD has v3.4.88 software installed within its memory, I downloaded the latest available Raymarine product software update for this product and installed it on my eS78 MFD. The resulting software is as expected v3.4.66. Please check your MFD's software version again. Should it be a you have indicated, then it would be recommended that the MFD's software be downgraded to v19.03, that v3.4.66 then be downloaded again, that the MFD's software be updated to v3.4.66, and that a Factory Reset then be performed to address this issue. Please note that I have been unable to replicate this problem withing my own eS78. Should the problem persist after having performed the actions specified above, then please indicate whether the system is interfaced to an Axiom RV or an Axiom RVX MFD.

The A80351 DownVision transducer has replaced the A80270 DownVision transducer for use with ax8 MFDs, eSx8 MFDs, CPT-100, and Axiom DV MFDs. The A80351 is simply the latest design produced for the above listed products.