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(DG) A128 malfunction - Kg5116 - 04-28-18 07:01 PM

My a 128 is not receiving date and time also will not transmit the location to my Ray 50 vhf any ideas

RE: (DG) A128 malfunction - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-30-18 10:10 AM

Hi Kg5116

Thank you for your enquiry.

Are you using an internal GPS in the a128 or are you using an external GPS antenna?

If using an external antenna, check the connections and power to the antenna. Is there an LED on the antenna and is it green - (if yes good it is receiving GPS data) if no then it is likely faulty/ struggling to get a fix, so check it has a good view of the sky.

If using an internal antenna, has anything been placed near the display, especially the top edge of the a128 that could have a magnetic impact and so affect the performance of the GPS antenna?

Please also check here and check here for more background.