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[CA11] Miracast dongle - george123 - 04-29-18 01:05 PM

I am installing the AxiomPro and will be connecting to a 32" flat screen. I need to purchase the HDMI dongle. I am looking at the Anycast from IFlashjump on Amazon for $20.49. I like the cable that comes with the unit which gives you the remote antenna. Has anyone used this device?

RE: [CA11] Miracast dongle - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-01-18 01:16 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum George,

We utilize Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter and have found that they work quite well. These are quite reasonably priced and was virtually seamless to use. The challenge that some find is that the USB ports of some televisions feature low power output, affecting the performance of such devices. However, this limitation is easily overcome by powering the Miracast adapter from a USB power supply. As Miracast is a communications standard, any quality device claiming support for the Miracast standard should work well for this purpose.

RE: [CA11] Miracast dongle - george123 - 07-18-18 07:17 AM

I have purchased this device and have connected it to the TV. I have been able to display the AXIOM onto the TV. There seems to be a power up sequence that you must follow. First the TV/dongle must be on next you turn on the Axiom display. Is this the way the software in the Axiom requires it? When I turn on the Axiom and next turn on the TV/dongle it will not connect to the TV. I am also having a problem that it does not stay connected to the TV. It will run for 2-3 hours and it will disconnect. I get the power up screen on the TV and it does not re-connect. I have to go back to the master display and manually connect. I have the connect at power on set. Has this problem been seen before? I have the June software installed on both displays.

RE: [CA11] Miracast dongle - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-18 09:23 AM


It has been our experience that the screen image sharing via the Miracast dongle will function correctly irrespective of the power-on sequence. Regarding the latter issue, I will try to arrange for a long term test to be run over the weekend. Which specific model of Axiom Pro MFD are you using with the Miracast dongle?