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[CA] Axion screen flashing and humming - Oregoncme - 05-02-18 08:45 PM

Updated to newest Sw. Hour later noticed the unit slaved was operating fine, but when I went upstairs to look at it, the screen was uncontrollable and flashing like 60cycles and humming. With or without the network cable attached. Unit is 2 hours old.

Again data flowing, just the screen issue.


RE: [CA] Axion screen flashing and humming - Oregoncme - 05-08-18 12:04 AM

I decided to check the Raynet cable interface. Even though data was flowing, the screen would not sync correctly. The problem was identified by running a Raynet cable over floor and up the ladder in hopes that it may be the cause of the instability. Once the new cable was replaced, the screen locked on and all was good! Now to figure out why. Upon close inspection of the bad cable, it seemed that a VERY tight turn of the cable pulled through an equally tight pipe, put a mean bend a creased the cable to the point a few wires were damaged inside the jacket (that showed a tear).

Moral of the story, the Axioms work fabulously, when the cables are good.
Don't have helpers "pull cable" without telling them if it seems too tight, stop pulling.

RE: [CA] Axion screen flashing and humming - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-08-18 08:19 AM


You performed a great job of troubleshooting. When such odd behaviors occurs, one of the first steps in fault isolation is to remove all stimulus from the product, which in this case would be to disconnect all communications cables and remove any microSD memory cards from the MFD's reader. Should the problem abate when the stimuli are removed, then the stimuli are re-introduced until the problem re-occurs, thereby identifying the potentially faulty stimulus. The Rayamarine Forum includes FAQs addressing troubleshooting Ethernet and SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications issues.