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[CA] Ray55 and Raymic cable - flyfish04401 - 05-06-18 05:11 PM

So I purchased a used Ray55 VHF and the Raymic. The VHF is an 8 in female and the raymic is a 10 pin female. The extension cable are all one male / one female?? What cable do I need to connect the two??



RE: [CA] Ray55 and Raymic cable - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-09-18 03:41 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum GC,

Raymarine has produced two versions of the RayMic (A46051/A46052 and A80289). Of these, only the A46051 RayMic was designed to be interfaced to a Ray55 or Ray218 VHF radio. The A46052 RayMic was designed to be interfaced to a Ray55e or Ray218e VHF radio. The A80289 RayMic cannot be used with a Ray55/Ray55e/Ray218/Ray218e VHF radio. The panel mount cable supplied with the Ray55/Ray55e/Ray218/Ray218e featured a socket which was designed to be mounted through panel. The A46051 or A46051 RayMic would then connect to the this socket. The other end of the panel mount cable was designed to be interfaced to the corresponding cable exiting from the rear of the Ray55/Ray55e/Ray218/Ray218e VHF radio's chassis. Raymarine offered the A46055 5m Raymic Extension Cable and the A46056 10m Raymic Extension Cable for use with these products.

RE: [CA] Ray55 and Raymic cable - grraymar - 08-08-19 10:08 AM

Hi Chuck. I just purchased a RayMic cable to replace a existing one with a broken pin. I have a RAY55 base station and an A46051 remote mic. The connection between both of these is a 10 pin (5 over 5 mirrored) connector. I ordered an A46056 cable to replace it but they shipped a cable that has only 8 pins. I have searched online for wiring diagrams for the A46056 to confirm with no luck. Did I order the correct cable and/or did they just send me the wrong one? Thanks

RE: [CA] Ray55 and Raymic cable - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-08-19 02:19 PM


The A46054 MIC Relocation Kit (5m) is used not only used to relocate a Ray218 VHF radio's fist mic, but it is also included with the RayMic to connect the Ray55/Ray218 VHF radio to the RayMic. This cable features the 5 over 5 pin male plug on one end (to be connected to the fist mic or RayMic) and the 8 pin plug connects to the VHF radio. These cables are commonly extended with the A46055 5M RayMic Extension and A46056 10M RayMic Extension. These extension cables also feature 5 over 5 pin plugs (one male and one female).

RE: [CA] Ray55 and Raymic cable - grraymar - 08-08-19 02:43 PM

Thanks Chuck. I read back and realized that I may have not worded the question right. In the photo above the cable I am trying to replace is on the right. I ordered an A46056 (10m) to replace my cable and they shipped what they have told me is an A46056 (8 pins - on the left in the photo). Obviously different from the one I am trying to replace. The questions are...

Is my cable (on the right with 5 over 5 pins) an A46056? (OR)
Is the cable on the left an A46056 (8 pins) and I've just ordered the wrong cable? (OR) Have they just shipped what they though was an A46056 and actually sent me the wrong cable?

Thanks again.

RE: [CA] Ray55 and Raymic cable - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-08-19 03:47 PM


The plug shown on the left is found on the end of the Ray55/218 cable which will in turn be connected to the A46054 RayMic Relocation Cable. The plug shown on the right is the female 5 over 5 plug of either an A46055 5M RayMic Extension or an A46056 10M RayMic Extension.