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Seatalk set up - starwinddan - 04-06-16 04:41 PM

The system

newest digital radar
autopilot pump and actuater switch av 100
monitor c series

It came as part kit Included ev1 backbone kit
I installed the spur adapter with split wires to av100
does this power the backbone?? The book says no?
I also hooked up the red /black spur power wire to backbone. Is this redundant?
Thanks for your help

RE: Seatalk set up - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-06-16 06:20 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

Unlike the ACU200 and ACU400, the ACU100 is not designed to supply power to a SeaTalkng backbone. As such, the SeaTalkng Power Cable must be installed and connected to a switched 12VDC power circuit and protected with a 5A fuse/breaker.

RE: Seatalk set up - starwinddan - 04-06-16 06:56 PM

Thanks Chuck,
You guys (and ladies) are sure very helpful and we appreciate you.
Why does it have a split 5 wire to spur cable plug in than?on the acu 100?

RE: Seatalk set up - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-07-16 08:16 AM

The reason for the split Seatalk NG spur cable is the ACU-100 has a bare wire terminal strip installation for the Seatalk NG port. The terminal strip is color coded.