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RE: [DG11] Sonarchart Live, depth offset - moki38 - 07-19-18 06:57 AM

Yes, this option would give me 1 depth to work with. But that was not really the question/problem.

The question is/was: Why is Sonarchart Live, using the wrong offset?

Your answer was (i think), Because it's using the master depthsensor, for Sonarchart Live.

The real question is thus: Why can't i select the depthsonar used for Sonarchart Live, in such a way that i can use both depths, with their own offsets.


RE: [DG11] Sonarchart Live, depth offset - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-18 08:24 AM

Hi moki38

I understand your question, and so based on a networked system, we try to ensure the data is presented globally, so that all references to data are the same, to avoid the possibility of different displays showing different and possibly confusing information.

In your case, the only way to have different sensors operating simultaneously on different displays, would be to run them independently.