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[CA11] Data Overlays - wp250outrage - 05-20-18 07:27 PM

Got the boat this weekend. Boat is awesome and Axiom is pretty incredible. Wish I would've had more time to play around with it.

On the chart app we have SOG as a layer displayed but it is in Knots. is there anyway to display MPH on the lighthouse 3 operating system?

RE: [CA11] Data Overlays - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-22-18 01:10 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum wp250outrage,

Detailed instructions for configuring the Units of Measure settings to be used by the MFD may be found withing Chapter 5.10 Settings of the LightHouse 3.4 Advanced Operation Instructions.

RE: [CA11] Data Overlays - wp250outrage - 05-22-18 05:59 PM

Thanks Chuck!

Also, I appreciate all of your info from previous post. You are extremely knowledgeable and have been very helpful.

RE: [CA11] Data Overlays - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-23-18 08:26 AM

You're welcome.