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[DG11] Ray260 loses power after a few seconds. - Oresundsmiljoskolen - 05-30-18 01:55 AM

Hi Raymarine

I have a problem with my Ray260 vhf radio.

The radio turns off within a few seconds after I plug in the power. When I connect the handset, the display turns on and everything is normal for between 2 and 10 seconds, then the radio turns off again. The same happens if I disconnect and connect power to the blackbox unit.
Occasionally, the radio stays on for several minutes and in these situations everything works normally.
All cables to and from the blackbox unit are new.
The boat's batteries are new (2018) and the generator charges as it should.
The radio has just been updated to software version 2.04 when we encountered problems with DSC call ship-to-shore. The DSC issue is now resolved, but the software update has not changed the main problem.
The radio has been working flawlessly for more than a year with software version 2.03, but the error has been the same with software v2.03 and v2.04, so I do not think it's a software issue!
The software update on the blackbox was done by a Raymarine engineer who did not notice any errors on the device.
All other devices in the network work flawlessly (e95, AIS650, CP100, CP200, AIS100 splitter).
Because we use the boat for commercial sailing, the radio system must be reviewed annually by the authorities.
This review was made three weeks ago by the Danish maritime authorities who found that everything worked flawlessly.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you and Regards


RE: [DG11] Ray260 loses power after a few seconds. - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-04-18 08:39 AM

Hi Oresundsmiljoskolen

Please contact our Danish office direct as I believe the Base station needs repair.